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Caminó Miracle

Today I broke down and bought two things. #1 a pair of Birkenstock shoes, the kind that Cook’s wear. My feet are smoking thankful. Now I look a bit like Matt French (the world class sax player that I know). My mom wore Birkenstocks the last few years of her life. She stood on them and by them, telling me I should get a pair. Well mom, I bought a pair. #2 I  had a look at myself in a picture and noticed just how much my shorts looked like a skirt. So I decided to buy some pants. I found a retail type store and walked in. I went up to the lady who worked there I told her I needed to buy some pants. She directed me to someone else who called someone else. She showed me a 38 and finally a 40. I had been wearing a 42 pre-Camino. Well, I went to the “try ‘em on room” and decided to try the 38 first. They are a bit loose and they fit. I bought them. I put them on and headed out to dinner. Had to stop and get a belt. -another Camino Miracle!

The real miracle happened in my heart. I lost all desire to be right about everything. For years I have struggled with being right. I wanted to have the right interpretation, the right stance, the right position-I wanted to be right. Guess what? I am now OK with Christ being right. He has got me. I Don’t need to indulge in the lust of the flesh to experience His Grace nor do I need to toe the line and live in a constant battle of doing everything right. He has done everything right. I just need to do the things I need to do. The things He has empowered and gifted me to do.

It is funny to me how Paul’s epistles are so strong against any type of human slavery. They warn us against anyone and anything usurping control over an individual personal responsibility and relationship with Christ. Religion (modern day religion) does exactly that. It constantly strives to remove an individual’s responsibility and control. I spoke with a Priest who talked with me about how just about every war is built upon a “religious” philosophy. He talked about how it is religion that often times keeps us from Expo the Love that Christ has for us.

Let’s talk Art, Music and house building.

I spoke with a couple of art dealers here in Amsterdam. One was interested in my work, another was curious. One had a gallery just down the street from the entrance to the Rijksmuseum. That would be cool. But then again. I think that, “…Fist we take Manhattan and then we take Berlin…” (L.C.) Great Art takes to time. By the way, the Van Gogh Museum was crowded but worth it. The guy knew some things about art. They also had a Gaugin that I loved. A couple of Monet’s paintings were also in the museum! Today I’m off to the Rijksmuseum before I fly to Scotland.

In Scotland Micheal McMillan has set up two Music Festivals and two Songwriters nights for me to play at. That right there folks is friendship. Y’all in the music world know that it’s difficult to get into festivals at the last minute and just like that I’m in two of them. I’m planning on playing a lot of music this year. Some with the band, some without but always with a guitar.

I started working on a couple of songs while walking the Camino. I have been in touch with William Gil and will be recording them in his studio in Louisana. We will also be creating music videos for the Archival Congruence album.

Although I do have several dates scheduled for traveling in 2023 I will be home most of the time. I have a house project. An additional two rooms and a new roof. It is time. What I would really like is a semi-truck load of field stone. Any leads on field stone -fresh off of somebody’s land would be awesome. Especially if we knew the person. I imagine myself saying, “and we acquired most of the stone from old GW’s farm up there in northern Alabama and the rest of we acquired from TJ ranch out there in eastern Wyoming.” Or something like that.

I’m excited about life. I feel alive again. It’s like the Joy of my Salvation has been restored.

Buen Caminó


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