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Cave of Altimira to Còbreces

We wandered around at the museum. The actually cave has been closed and a replicated one built just down the hill. So many people would visit each year that the original cave started sweating from the heat. Not good for the paintings.

The replicated museum is awesome. The paintings are super cool. Not just because they are some of the oldest paintings in the world, the work was detailed and creative. Beautiful or as they say here Bonito.

We walked around a lot there. Then we shouldered our packs. Bearing burdens again, we hit the road.

I’m planning on sending everything home that is not absolutely necessary. I’m sending my sleeping bag, solar charger for the cpap battery and Alpha-Stim home. The Alpha Stim really does help with pain but I am still using a bit of ibuprofen. The executive decision is ibuprofen for now.

I would do nothing but the pain won’t just let me sleep and we are about 1/3 of the way done. Meaning we get to do this some more. I’m beginning to really like it. Every day about the 8 mile mark my knees start screaming a bit. I scream back and we keep on rolling. Thing is a person must sleep.

Terry has noticed that I toss and turn and shift most nights. After one pretty rough day back when I had that bad blister (thank God it’s gone and thank you for praying) I took two ibuprofen and went to bed. Terry said that was the first time he saw me sleep without moving around. I do well in Florida too, I take one of those Genesis inspired gummies and sleep pretty well. The Spanish government has not given folks over here that option. Thank you Florida!

The place we are staying in tonight has a nice bathtub. I’m soaking the knees. I May just sleep in there.

One of the thoughts I kept coming back to today was - How Much Do I Need? It’s a simple thought. Probably inspired by a backpack.

It is also a complex thought. Inspired by the idea of Eternal Life. Maybe the thought is also inspired by all the graveyard and cemeteries.

I know I am using most of the stuff I have. I’m using it. As the next year rolls along and we finish the addition to our house we are gonna empty out the storage unit.

The fine china is going into service. (Make sure to come by and eat some of Kate’s wonderful cooking). I’m planning on using all the tools. A thing of winter clothes, a set of summer clothes. Someone else can have the rest.

Of course that has been our goal all along. We believe in use it or give it away. What are you giving away?

Ya know, you can give away a whole lot more than just stuff. You can give away a smile, a word of encouragement, a nod of approval. You can boost someone’s day by telling them how much you appreciate them.

Give away some time -praying, calling, writing a thank you- miss you- love you note. Give it away.  Give it away.

Buen Caminó

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Apr 19, 2023

Gotta give it away.

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