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Kings of Leon did a great song called closer. I’m closer to Santiago. I’m closer to God. I’m closer to my wife. I’m closer.

I’m also further from the man I was. I’m still the same but I ain’t (I know -English is such a flexible language with which to communicate). I have changed and so have you.

In over a month: I have not slept one night without earplugs. I have used my dentist directed special toothpaste every day. I have not once slept in a totally dark room nor on a great mattress. I have not driven a car. I have not read a page in a book. I have not played a guitar that would hold a tune. I have drank coffee almost every single day. I have drank lots and lots of water every day. I have alternated between 2 pair of shorts and 3 pair of socks and 4 shirts. I have packed up and unpacked one backpack and carried my belongings on my back to the next place.

Other things have happened too. I wrote a lot of blog posts. (This is one- I am just posting it both on Facebook and on the website -you’ll just have to go to the website to see which picture I chose). I discovered that I enjoy writing.


I have prayed. God has heard my voice and I have heard God. I have felt the Spirit move.

And I have thought a lot about us:

We are like a bunch of kids at school. It doesn’t matter that we are adults, we are still a bunch of kids. You are doing your life. I am doing mine. Some of us have hooked up with someone special. Some of us have been married and are in love. Some have broke up. Some are still flirting. Some are still learning, creating and growing. Some of us are done learning and just stuck in the system. Some of us are angry, sad, happy, content, peaceful (all the emotions)… there are the cool, the not so cool, the athletes, the smart and smart alecks - all of it. Think with me. We are like a bunch of kids in school.

BUT there is one difference— CLOSER!

Closer to that moment when our souls leave these bodies. Closer to being eternal rather than temporal. Closer to being with all those who have gone on before us.

I want US to be closer.


I have a couple ideas.

I think WE can do a few more things with Vet Church. When I get back I’m going to talk with the board about a few ideas.

Here is a teaser—

Let’s build Vet Church into THE premier organization providing the connectivity to spiritual support for those who have been affected by war. Let us be known as the people helping carry the load. We have the power to effect a HUGE change in the system.

If you are with me let me know.

Buen Caminó

1 Comment

May 01, 2023

I’m with you, as always.

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