I keep going back to the idea that a person should do that which God leads them to do. I have been having this dream/vision that I should attempt to play music at every single VFW in the state of Florida in the year 2022. I have several nagging reasons...

I was sitting in the office of a friend of mine and he said, "Matt, I want to show you something." He took a piece of paper out of a drawer which had a diagram on it. "You see," he explained, "this is a map of all my friends and who I met them through." It was pretty interesting. I have thought about it many times.

That brings me back to the VFW mission. Most of the current friends are connected to me through music. I either met you because I was playing music or I kept in touch with you because and through the playing of music. Either way music has a lot to do with us being connected. Reason number 1) play the VFWs and Connect to Veterans.

I started up Vet Church for a lot of reasons. Probably the most selfish of which is that I wanted to take communion but didn't feel like I could. I felt like the big religious organizations had abandoned me. I felt like my fellow pastors had written me off. -I am still stung by a comment a pastor made to me while sitting in the Gator Cafe in Baker. He turned to me and said, "are you even saved?" I guess I had used the {SH!T} word with him and he didn't like it. That stung for a moment and then it dawned on me --that particular guy had no idea about our Tribe. Although he had grown up around the military and he lives ju-st a few miles from 7TH Group --he knows nothing of our language and culture. And for the record if your wondering I am "saved" if you understand that to mean that I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I believe in Father, Son and Holy Ghost. I have repented of my sins. I keep repenting of some of them... and yes I still use the language of my Tribe. I may be retired but that Drill Sergeant put a perspective in me and to this day I use the familiar language that I perfected in Ft Benning GA -way back in those basic training days. Reason number 2) play the VFWs and provide pastoral care to my tribe in the form of entertaining, listening, and journeying.

Before I deployed to Afghanistan, I was at a friends house and he recieved his VFW Newsletter. I said something about wanting to join and he pointed out that I could once I had deployed and if I made it back alive. Well, I did, twice. As a Veteran I am still alive and with the current rate of suicide in our Tribe I am aware of my living instead of being dead. So, why not go and play music in all the VFWs in the state of Florida? Reason number 3) This suicide thing has not stopped.

Challenges that go along with this VISION:

I am certain that the VFWs don't have the money to fund me driving around playing a show and talking with folks. Money is tight, always has been. So, Vet Church will have to foot the bill. No big deal. We will raise the money and go visit and play music and talk with folks. After we have made it around the state of Florida we will set our vision on the rest of the nation. There will be a couple of out of state things this year but not many.

Also going on are the Vet Church Videos. These are posted every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday on the YouTube channel. As of right now we have 84 subscribers and a few views. Getting Views, Likes and Subscribers happens as you the reader/consumer sees the value, shares the stuff and promotes it. I just need to be faithful and do what I am supposed to do-- creative content and share my relationship with Christ in a genuine, authentic manner.

FaceBook, Instagram and TikTok--- I could personally do without any of these platforms but I need the platform in order to stay connected. Sunday stuff is pretty simple as long as the phone doesn't die and I am renewing my dedication to do more throughout the week. Again, we will grow as y'all help me do the work. I can only do so much. Every time someone shares this stuff it makes a difference.

I can't stress how great it is to know that y'all are with me. At times it has seemed like I am putting out content and no one cares. Now I know that this is not the case. Many people have come up to me and said, "Whatever it was" helped. I am thankful. I have PTSd and other crap too... so, I get discouraged like everyone else. That being said thank you for encouraging me... I will probably need it again soon, now lets move on.

This WEB Site ( ) I will do my best to do a blog every two weeks. From here on out. This is the one place where we will not have to worry about censorship -although I never worried about it anyway. I will attempt to post pics and keep this website viable and relevant to the current mission.

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