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Who We Are




The Reverend Dr. Matthew Owen Williams, was medically retired from the Army in 2013. Matt has chronic pain and lives with the effects of PTSD and Moral Injury. As a Singer Songwriter, Matt is working through his own pain while encouraging and inspiring others to actually ‘BE’ all that they want to be. 

“In a world of Virtual Reality, Virtual Friends and Virtual Connection, I had a simple Idea. I would travel around America singing songs and talking to the folks I went to Afghanistan and Iraq with. So many people liked it that I just kept singing, talking and playing that guitar. I want to provide face-to-face encouragement. I want to be real in a world of fake and edited. As a Veteran so much about life is surreal.  The songs I sing and write are about me and my experience: happy, sad, angry – all of It. I realized that I cannot travel all of the time, so Vet Church was born. Partnering with many people around America we are doing all that we are able to – empowering others to do something positive about PTSD and Moral Injury."


Head of Pastoral Care

Chaplain Paul Anderson “Chaps” is an experienced pastor, military and healthcare chaplain.


He served with Navy, Marine Corps and Joint commands during his career as a Navy Chaplain.  He is acquainted with trauma, grief, moral injury, Post Traumatic Stress, brokenness, and crisis of faith.  He has survived and thrives because the object of his faith has been with him through it all.  


He is a Christ centered, grace focused, hope filled and forward leaning leader.  He brings to Vet Church a well-informed passion for the servicemembers and their families who served God and country.  


Believing that no breathing person is beyond the grace of God, Chaps is on a mission of reconciliation. He is available to share the love of God to any and all, especially those who are on the margins of faith and fruitful living.


“God restores” is his motto and his credo of ministry and leadership.



Church Relations and Outreach Leader

Hey, I’m Bryan. I am a family man, father of four boys, and husband to a military spouse. My passions are writing songs, nature, and smoking meat. In ministry, I love encouraging others in their natural giftings, leading worship, and talking theology over a good beer and tobacco pipe. 

My “rule of life” is availability and vulnerability. I believe that God calls us to be available to His Holy Spirit and then to others as we exercise Christ-like compassion and servanthood. I embrace the vulnerability of being teachable expressed through the discipline of prayer, exposure to Scripture, and willingness to be held accountable by others. 


“Biblical worship is witnessed through our moment by moment, surrender to God, who is endless grace, mercy, and love.”


Prayer Response Team Leader

My name is Bryan Griffin, I grew up in a small town in Northwest Florida. I am a son of a Vietnam Veteran. I have lived with Type 1 diabetes since I was 18 months old, and addiction since I was a teenager. By the Grace of God and with the help of others, I haven't had to get loaded since 10-09-2009. I am a sinner, Redeemed by the blood of Jesus. I believe in the power of prayer.


It’s in the Great outdoors, hunting, fishing, being on the water, walking with my wife and children that I feel the closest to God.


Podcast and Music Producer

Drew has been creating in the fields of Music and Visual Arts for over 3 decades. After meeting Matt at Belhaven University they embarked on a journey of friendship and music that includes writing and recording five records as the band Alien Seven. Drew now produces the Vet Church podcast, maintains the Vet Church Website, as well as music projects for various artists.

Drew has a passion for storytelling, music, and art.

If you are looking to mix, engineer, or produce a product that will help the Veteran community please reach out to Drew or anyone in the Vet Church family.

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