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  1. Started in October 2017

  2. Weekly Facebook Sunday Service​​ offering Admonishment, the Lords Supper, the Lords Prayer and HOPE

  3. Celebrating Music and Art

  4. In the Flesh Visits

  5. Annual Pilgrimages

  6. Get Togethers

  7. Connecting: People, Organizations and Denominations

  8. Prayer

  9. Encouragement

  10. Pod Cast that celebrates the Sacredness of Story

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VET CHURCH  is all about extending the love of Christ to those with pain and problems.

VET CHURCH is a bit different than normal church in that it is a virtual community designed originally for Veterans and it has now extended to everyone who struggles with PTSD, Moral Injury, Depression, Anxiety, Physical Pain and other Stuff.

VET CHURCH partners with the Leaders and Members of dozens of Caring and Charitable Organizations to  Empower, Inspire, Educate and Provide Hope. 

Join us. Grow with us. Heal with us. 

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