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The Reverend Dr. Matthew Owen Williams, (Matt) was medically retired from the Army in 2013.

Matt has chronic pain and lives with the effects of PTSD and Moral Injury. As a Singer Songwriter, Matt is working through his own pain while encouraging and inspiring others to actually ‘BE’ all that they want to be. 


“In a world of Virtual Reality, Virtual Friends and Virtual Connection, I had a simple Idea. I would travel around America singing songs and talking to the folks I went to Afghanistan and Iraq with. So many people liked it that I just kept singing, talking and playing that guitar. I want to provide face-to-face encouragement. I want to be real in a world of fake and edited. As a Veteran so much about life is surreal.  The songs I sing and writer are about me and my experience: happy, sad, angry –all of It. I realized that I cannot travel all of the time, so Vet Church was born. Partnering with many people around America we are doing all that we are able to --empowering others to do something  positive about PTSD and Moral Injury.” –Matt Williams

Vet Church was born out of the necessity for something real. Vet Church has gone on to help other Churches establish Veterans Fellowships. 



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