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Vet Church

non-profit organization

VET CHURCH is a safe place of hope and support for veterans and their family members who desire healing, wholeness and restoration from moral injuries, traumatic stressors, the fog of war and the misalignments of life.  It is a Christ centered, grace focused, church without walls where everyone is valued, none are judged, and the primary ethos is unconditional positive regard.

VET CHURCH is a relationship that focuses on music. Music is important to God and it is important to us. We believe that music helps cast out demons, enhance lives, and brings people closer to Christ.

VET CHURCH is a virtual community of faith. It is a lighthouse of hope, spirituality, and security. We embrace seekers, primarily veterans and their family members. We lean forward, faithfully focusing on the image of God in every individual with whom we providentially interact.

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