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Went down

To the ambulatoria for the blister problem. Two of the Ladies spoke pretty good English. Better than my Spanish. One of them pulled out a Razor Blade and went to work on my calloused blistered foot. It took awhile.

Then she said, “Does that feel better?” It did. Immediately upon standing I knew that it was truly better. She told me to keep wrapping it a certain way (she gave me supplies) and to stop wearing the shoes that gave me the blister. She also suggested that I wait a few days to let it heal.

So, my Camino will see me spending a few days in Bilbao. I will plan on watching the Good Friday parades and spending some time at the Guggenheim Museum. (Yes I’m talking my painting and art seriously -today I donated one of my paintings to go to the Emerald Coast Children’s Advocacy Center- if y’all know of a place like this that is looking for some unique and beautiful art let me know. I believe in supporting good ideas, causes, ventures and organizations) I don’t know why I went into all that -oh yeah that is how I spent a part of my day after the hospital adventure.

I also watched the comercial fishing boats unload Spanish Mackerel. I went to the church and prayed. I listened to music. Listened, prayed and discussed life with some folks back in the States. Feel free to call. When I go to sleep I put it on airplane mode- getting better with appropriate boundaries.

The concept of Camino has dug into my soul. The journey here is much like the journey of life. What do you need? How much do you want to carry? Can you communicate? How far will you go? Do you always follow the same path as everyone else? Is the pain too much?

Will you laugh? Will you cry? Will you feel -all that emotion content. Will you create or destroy?  Will you horde or give it away? Will you invest in others? Will you make others better?

Are you doing self assessment? Are you reflecting? Are you sowing the seeds of love?

I’m asking myself all of this and more. Uno Más or is it uno Mass and will I make it to one more Mass? Christ Mass has always been about the breaking of the bread and the family for me. The concept of Mass for me has never been about religion. I have always associated it with the concept of the God/Man sustaining all my life. The bread, the wine, and the Universe spoke into existence.


The water to wine, where are all the other nine?

Stooping down to write, where are your accusers now?

Don’t cast those pretty pearls before the swine.

Love one another, love one another, love one another.

Bear one another’s burdens and believe like a child.

Take up your bed and walk, walk, walk.

The extra mile, the last mile carrying His own cross.

Today you shall be with me in Paradise

Don’t be afraid, I am not a ghost

Who do you love -really love the most

Is there a way to follow, I’m looking for the signs.

It’s all the same the modern ancient times.

Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end

Together we believe- all the messages you send

Nothing is nothing. Eternity ahead.

Drink the water from the ground, the ground where Jesus bled.

Ok, I know. Stay on point. But those lyrics are the point. The Camino seems to bounce the thoughts around in me.  And the music I hear and make is louder in my soul and head than ever before.

One of the reasons I’m here is to listen to the Holy Ghost. Prayer is another. I’m praying to be more creative. I’m praying for growth.  I’m praying for me and you:

God lead me, lift me, turn me back on track. Clean my heart, my mind, my slate. Open my eyes. Help me see beyond the prescription these sunshades hold. Make me compassionate and kind. Give me wisdom and the courage to use it. Give me the courage to lose it and go a little crazy now and then. Pick us up and place us down with two feet planted on higher ground. Be with all who seek and pray. Hear the words we cannot say. We need you now. Right now. And if you cannot sent an Angel just journey with us yourself.

Buen Camino

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Coffee Grounds
Coffee Grounds
Apr 05, 2023

Peace and healing🤲🏼🤲🏼🤲🏼

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