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3 Days 45ish Miles

From Navia to Lourenza has been quite the hike. There are many Pilgrims logging more miles than we are. I’m not in competition with anyone. Yet it seems like the theme of “how much have you done” keeps popping up.

How much has been done doesn’t interest me as much as “why” people are doing what it is that they are doing. Reasons matter. Reasons are interesting because they transcend Resources and Ability.

This line of reasoning may go all the back to when I was a boy playing sports. I wasn’t the best. Most of the time I was the most dedicated to the task at hand. Dedication and devotion mattered because I knew why I was playing.

The why matters.

Out here on the Camino de Santiago the why still matters. I have talked to a bunch of people, who when asked why stated that they didn’t have any real reason. They were just doing it.

The largest group who knew why they were walking said that it was to experience nature. They point to the beauty. Most of them also reference a TV show or movie that made them want to come and see this.

Here is why I came here:

ONE- I saw the movie The Way (Martín Sheen and Emilio Estevas) and I thought that some of my after war feelings would be changed. That I would find some peace and restoration. Transition.

TWO- My friend was going to do it alone. I had time and thought, “going alone is never as good as being with someone.” So, I invited myself. He let me tag along. Maybe I needed some of his courage to actually act on the first reason.

THREE- I am looking for God to show Himself to me. To interact with me. To bless me. To be with me. To care about me. To bless my painting sales. To bless my music. To show me what to do with Vet Church. To change me. To be real to me. To visit me in my dreams. / So, I am over here walking these ancient trails. I am praying in these beautiful cathedrals and Chapels. I am looking at art. Singing my songs.

Why I stayed here:

Not gonna lie, after that first blister and all that happened with that I almost flew home. I didn’t. Was able to find the right shoes. Yay! But that hasn’t been the only time I have almost stopped. See, I daily realize I am NOT a hiker. I was a young man when I discovered wheels. I really don’t like walking with a backpack on for hours and hours.

I stay because I am experiencing some of that for which I hoped I would experience. There is something about the Camino de Santiago that I cannot explain. Something mystical.

And God is a mystery so maybe the whole thing just works that way.

Should you do it? I don’t know. Should you?

I don’t know what you should do. I don’t have any comment one way or the other on what you have done or have not done (omission or commission). You must live your own life.

Choice is tough.

I chose to…

Buen caminó!

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Apr 27, 2023

One step at a time. It will be over before you know it. I believe it was and is worth you doing it.

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