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Departure Day has arrived. Woke up early. Went back to sleep. Another dream.

I was involved in planning an event to celebrate the lives of Veterans. There was Music and sports and some sort of church service. Dwight from The Office was leading worship music and it was crazy. He had a banjo. I was in the audience, borrowed a banjo with loose strings and helped him. After the event there was mud everywhere and I noticed someone had my glasses and I had theirs. Wait a minute we’re they mine? Me and Rick discussed it. Someone walked up and said this is what you earned but there was nothing. The others left with $100K. I stood in the mud saying this is a non-profit why are y’all making all this money? No one listened, no one answered. My car was stuck in the mud. Tires spinning. I had to get out of there.

I awoke for the second time. Another hour had ensued. Time for my last hot bath. But first take AG1 (that stuff sure has helped me). Oh, hot water and some blog writing. Things I’ve come to enjoy.

Of course the blog will continue but the leisurely hot baths are over for a few days. It’s funny the pleasures of life. Friend of mine says, “How do you even fit in there?” I reply, “It’s not about the ‘fit’ it’s about the peace and warm water.”

I guess it’s comfort. I like to be comfortable. But I don’t pursue it much.

I guess eternal perspective pushes me to put comfort a bit on the back burner. A pilgrimage isn’t comfortable. I keep thinking of the Danny Glover line from the Lethal Weapon movies, “I’m too old for this…”

But I’m not ‘too’ old. I’m old enough. My whole life had led up to this. I made it here. Now I’m rocking it.

What is ‘IT?’ Someday IT includes: phobia (fear), joy, anger, laughter, being a good friend, avoiding bad habits, cultivating bad habits, praying, forgetting to pray, being kind, being an obnoxious moron, doing the good thing, not doing anything, watching mindless stuff, watching thought provoking stuff, -on and on. You get the point. IT is life.

Another friend of mine, an Alcoholic who has been clean and sober for a long time, says, “Today I’m just trying to be better than I was yesterday.” I like that. It’s life in bite size moments. Take a bite, chew, swallow, digest. Live right now. (Isn’t is strange how live can be pronounced like - ‘going live’ or ‘I’m living right now’)

The right now is the thing. Right now I have a couple of hours before I need to be at the Airport. Kate just woke up. I need to end my comfortable warm bath. Time to make the oatmeal. Time to get moving.

A line from the song “So Mote It Be” (Anthony Crawford of Sugarcane Jane recorded me and him playing this song I wrote in his studio. We will release it when I return from the Camino -and yes other than my guitar and vocals Anthony makes all the rest of the music on the album) -the lyric is “The great commission says to GO, You talk a lot but you don’t know, I seen the blood and water flow, Just close your eyes…” There is more but you have to wait. Point is right now I have to go. Soon you will too.

Go do some great commission work. Go share some love. Go next door, across town, a city over or around the world. Don’t just sit there. Get up and Go.

Someone somewhere is waiting on you. They need you and you need them. Make it happen. GO.

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Alan Brott
Mar 25, 2023

Sending prayers for your journey.

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