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Be kneadable

Getting back into the swing of things here in the Vet Church Community. It isn’t necessarily easy. No church has an easy time. Our church is not an exception to this.

In some ways we worship together and in others we worship apart. Not all churches have the same structure. Ours doesn’t even have four walls or a roof. We are not boxed in by anything. Our foundation is the same as any other Christian church. Our foundation is Christ.

The mission is to show compassion, encouragement and kindness. Another way to sum that up would be to say that the mission is to love. Christ said, “A new commandment I give to you, love one another. How do you know you are my disciples? Because you love one another. So love one another.” (Quoted from memory so if I missed something let me know)

It may seem odd. We don’t have a membership role. We meet in many places from bars to church buildings. We wear different clothes. We belong to different clubs, organizations and denominations. And we are Vet Church.

Today we are gonna pick somebody up who is down. We are going to encourage someone to get into therapy. We are gonna encourage someone somewhere to start doing something fun. We are gonna get out there and go. Some of us will go without leaving the room. We use all forms of technology. We believe.

-I walked into this little mission to pray. To petition The Almighty for a miracle, for a heart to be changed, for a moment to be transformed. I prayed for certain people. I prayed that they would thrive and stop struggling to survive.  I prayed with all the fervent earnest that I could muster.

There were the most beautiful flowers placed in front -at the alter. I say most beautiful because they were visually beautiful but that wasn’t all. The whole chapel smelled of their grace and beauty. I was moved.

Later I found out that at least one of my prayers had been answered earlier. Even before I prayed God had moved. The Breath of God had convicted and restoration had begun.

God does not depend upon our prayers. We  depend upon him. Prayer is communication. Moments like these and stories of martyrs lead me to believe that the whole “sinners in the hands of an ANGRY GOD” is not the God I know.

I know the God of love. He loves me. He is compassionate and kind. He is Holy and knows that I cannot be, Christ’s holiness has been applied to my account.

As Terry stepped off the bus to continue his Camino and we said goodbye I think I heard the still small voice of God, “Matt, all you need is me.” And I know it’s true.

The plan is to meet back up on Saturday. I need shoes and this blister thing to heal. I’m sure that I don’t even know all I need. And as God kneads me I am sure I will find all that I need. Be kneadable…

Buen Camino

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