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Be Love

Be love! I am going to design a super cool T-Shirt that has two words on it BE LOVE. Christ gives a new commandment- that we love one another.

I have had a couple of super interesting conversations in the last number of days with people from the following countries: Ireland, England, Finland, Germany, Spain, the USA and New Zealand. The conversations have revolved around the value of life. Life is valuable.

A friend sent me an article from the UK which pointed out that Suicide is now listed as one of the top 10 reasons people die in the United States. So, I googled it. Google pointed out that it might be the 11th leading cause. Either way this is a huge problem.

I’ve heard folks say, “I’m here if you need me.” Well, I have something to say about that. I don’t think “I’m here” is enough. I think we need to look at that idea of going to people. Being here alone isn’t working.

Why did I drive three vehicles into the ground? Because I believed I had to GO. And then I stopped. I grew weary. I Can no longer sit back and say, “I’m here if you need me.” This Camino de Santiago has shown me that I must GO.

Today we walked about 20 miles. I know, it’s nuts. Everything hurts except my soul. The pain and suffering in my body is bringing me closer to Christ. I’m out here praying. And first and foremost I’m praying for me. I need direction. And over the last two weeks I have found some.

I have some things God wants me to do.

The first is getting my house in Florida fixed up. As we walked through the rain the past three days and prepare for one more tomorrow. I am reminded about the plans the architect is drawing up for the renovations to our house in Florida- I’m thankful to my Brothers who put the blue tarps on the roof last week after Kate woke up to rain falling on her face. Not only are the renovations necessary for just simple living but I also want a place for y’all to hang out with me when you come to Florida. And I hope that when I am home y’all Journey on down and see me.

The second is that I am going to keep going until I can no longer go. Terry stopped in the middle of a road as we walked down the mountain. He pointed with his walking pole to an imaginary list of several blessings that God has given me in the last few months and said something about what God is preparing and equipping me to do. Someone else pointed out that God has given me some super cool talents. Anthony Crawford of Sugarcane Jane pointed out that the songs on my most recent album are a direct gift from the Holy Ghost. (He believes it so much that he played all the instruments on the last album except for my guitar and vocals). Anthony ask me, “Why aren’t you playing shows?” Many of y’all have ask me why I have not been playing shows.

The answer is that I don’t know why I stopped. The good news is that I’ve started again. A new Album has been recorded. The band started practicing with me about 4 weeks before I came on the Camino. We have some dates. And here is the thing -I know God wants me to be out there playing music. I know it. I immediately think of 3 people who have said that me being out there playing music saved their lives. I am quick to point to God, their own choice whatever. And that pointing away from myself has not been humility it has been FEAR.

I am going to take a moment and publicly confess that I have been afraid. I’m not a great guitar player or singer (I hear T-bone Montgomery say, “that crap don’t matter you are changing lives!”). I think, “Well, I don’t have a truck anymore.” -(I hear the Colonel say, “rent a vehicle there is money in the Vet Church account.”) For every single BUT I hear a voice… the voice that is overwhelmingly convicting me is the voice of the Holy Ghost.

I admit I have been wrong. Please forgive me. Now let’s move forward. I don’t know what else God will reveal to me on this Camino de Santiago. I’m open. I’m listening. I’m waiting on His strength. I don’t have much of my own left.

I am super pumped up though. I am excited. God has put a song in my mouth and my heart. Our local Pastor quoted something that blew my mind in last Sunday’s sermon. In the Easter Sermon he said … it’s not a song until you sing it… (He was quoting something, I can’t remember and am too tired to look it up.) every day since he said that I have heard God tell me - MATTHEW OWEN WILLIAMS I GAVE YOU THOSE SONGS TO SING!

I’m coming your way because I must. I want everyone of you to hear these songs! I want everyone in the world to hear these new songs! These songs deal with real issues like Love conquering worthlessness and hopelessness. These are songs God has given me. They are songs with real answers and this is a world with real pain! Real hurt! Real despair! And the people of this world are looking for real answers.

And guess what I KNOW A REAL GOD. I know about real hope. And so do many of you. Join me! Please join me. Let’s stop waiting for those in pain to come to us. Let us GO to them. Let’s go and BE LOVE.

Let’s hope for another 20 mile rainy day that drains all the energy from these bodies! God is good! We are upon the ancient path. This is a modern Journey. God is real, relevant and NOW!

Buen Camino

2 commentaires

14 avr. 2023

Beautifully written Matt! Be Live & Go!!


14 avr. 2023

Wow…I love hearing about and watching your journey. It’s jam packed. Awesome!

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