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One of the things that doing the Camino de Santiago reminded me about was education. My education, the past education I have received and how it has prepared me for future education that I can receive. I have been inspired.

I write this on the Eve of our last day before Santiago. We started in France. We walked across the bridge into Irun Spain and began our Camino de Santiago (we did the Camino del Norte -northern route). My Camino has spanned from 25 March until at least 10 May. I fly to Amsterdam on the 10th.

What’s in Amsterdam? Education. More education. I am an Artist and I have been pretty blessed with talent. But talent without study can only take you so far.

Now don’t get this wrong- I’m not doubting myself or comparing myself to anyone. I know I’m good. I know that my color perception is beyond unique. I recently has a Professor of Art History tell me that in the future I need to add a couple of thousand dollars to all my paintings and to be more abstract (I have been told this several times by people in the art business).

He explained: 1) my work with color is world class. 2) my imagination and creativity works well with the color palate that I provide. 3) I need to explore the abstract more and allow others to  utilize their imagination within their perception of color 4) having sold paintings for 100s to a couple thousand it is time to raise the prices and do the bigger shows.

So, I am off to Amsterdam to explore some of the worlds greatest art museums. I’m not going to just explore. I’m going to gain some education. Study and take notes.

See, here is something for all of us to think about: education. How does education work. Several steps: exposure, trial and error, repetition, thought, copying.  No one needs to go to a school to do those things. We need to go to school for guidance, inspiration, encouragement and discipline.

Teachers sometimes provide all of those. As we move from pedagogy (child education) to andragogy (adult education) we begin to replace certain teachers with mentors and we start teaching ourselves. I have one mentor who is an oil painter. One Professor of Art History and another artist with a Doctorate in Art History have instructed me. I’m acting on it.

You can have all the head knowledge in the world but if you do not act on it you don’t have anything. I must take action.

I have to go to these museums and study. I need to start writing down the abstract that I see and imagine. I have been working on this while walking. I have been thinking about this for countless miles, sore feet, a blister from the pit of Hades and through the comfort of countless houses of prayer.

I’m ready to come home. I want to come home. But I have some work to do.

I am also going to go to Scotland and sing some of these new songs before I come home and start singing them for y’all.

But let me just leave you with this thought.

What talent and skills do have (that you KNOW you have) and yet you haven’t taken those skills to the next level? What are they? Are you ready to get serious?

You can educate yourself. You can move forward. You can find mentors and professionals who will guide you and encourage you. You will have to provide your own willingness and discipline.

You can do this. I Can do This! WE can do this!

And as we do this we will pull folks up. We will build a community of people who see worth and value in each other. We will build a world where people never feel alone or worthless.

We change the world by changing ourselves.

Buen Caminó!

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May 04, 2023

Get your study on!

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