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Intentional Acts of Kindness

We are strangers and in some ways it’s all strange. Traveling to a place we’ve never been before. Strange terrain, all mountains and rain. Waiting on the sun and for strength to overcome.  We are spending time praying, listening, walking, talking, moving and being.

I have noticed many intentional acts of kindnesses directed towards us and it helps me reflect. Thoughts of: “Am I a kind person?” “How can I do more?” “What am I intentional about?”

Along the way I saw a Pilgrim stoop and pick up a piece of trash from the trail. Later that evening I had the opportunity to ask that Pilgrim about it. He told me that a few years back he had decided to pick up a bit of random trash now and then in order to make himself be a better person. I think the intentionality of this decision is brilliant.

At one point I was convinced that the Camino de Santiago was a thing to do. A journey to be completed. Start here and end up here then go home.  I’m realizing that I was wrong.

Along the way I met a retired military pilot from another country. He told me that he had done the Camino de Santiago before (he had gone the Portugués route). He said he started, walked hard every day, made it to Santiago and realized that it was just another church building. He had missed the whole Camino. He explained that the Camino is about the people, the journey, what happens inside.

Much of life is like this. We think we are going to do this or that. It is not easy to change the doing mentality to a being with mentality. Is there a happy medium? Is there a necessary blend?

I’m thinking today of intentional acts of kindness and the people I get to share them with. Sometimes the acts are directed towards me. Sometimes I get to direct those acts towards others. Either way it is an opportunity to experience intentionality in both realms—being and doing.

So today we are skipping ahead one day’s journey. My blister seems to have healed but Terry seems to have a couple new ones. So, it is his turn to buy some wide toe box shoes. Thus we are busing in to Santander.

Waiting at the bus station seems super cold. But it is only 54 degrees and although the wind is gently blowing the rain is not as heavy. I guess when you have the pack on your back and are moving it isn’t as bad. Of course being from Florida 54 is drop dead cold winter weather.

I want to encourage y’all to be intentional with your kindness. Be on the lookout for strangers to bless. Celebrate the people around you. Show love. Be love.

You have power. You can make a difference. Not only are we all in this together but we are also a strong people. We have the strength to change ourselves and support each other.

Intentional acts of kindness.

Buen Camino

1 Comment

Apr 15, 2023

Good thoughts.

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