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Is it difficult?

Of course. Time of writing this is 20:52. We walked over 20KM with packs. Ate once. Still haven’t made it to a place to sleep but we had to eat. You might think, “ah, that’s about 16 miles walking, how hard can it be?”

It’s the ups and downs. The blisters and the torn meniscus. Seriously though the stairs and roads were at times almost a 9/12 pitch today. So yeah, at 51 years old (and Terry is 75)- We Are rocking it.

Walked into the pizza place and ordered a burger. Terry ordered a pizza. I pulled the guitar off the wall and played, Whole Lotta Love -right along with the radio. When Page went all crazy I picked out some Folsom Prison Blues. Song ended the locals applauded. I played another. The food arrived. We ate.

I started the daily blog. Do I have a great message? Probably about 3 hours ago I had something great, now the mental capacity just wants to share something profound.

I didn’t make this one up and I don’t know who did. Our Platoon in Basic Training seemed to have a tendency to get into more trouble than any of the other groups. Fighting, breaking rules, if it seemed worth trying we did. We got smoked a lot. One night the Drill came in and took us all outside at about 1am. He started smoking us. He did it for an hour.  At 2am he decided to stop and sent us back to the dorm room. Out Platoon leader told called us to attention and then to the Front Leaning Rest position. We as a group did push-ups and other stuff counting off at the top of our voices for another 15 minutes. The profound nugget is this, “Dont be crying when you’re suffering.” That was our platoon motto. You can use it too.

We made it to the hotel. If I understood conversational Spanish I would let ya know what the girls in the next room are talking about. I took 400 mg of ibuprofen. Gonna shower. Gonna pray. Gonna post this thing.

At this point we need to bus back to where we were and continue the Camino from there. Many locals have told us that this year there are more pilgrims than ever. No joke. I called about a dozen places-all rooms full. The pilgrim hostel has 59 beds -all full. We took a bus several towns away from the Camino in order to find a room. I think there is a Biblical theme here somewhere.

Update no needle to drain the blisters. I may be buying another pair of shoes. I don’t know. This is nuts on many levels.

Alright, I’m gonna shower. Wash my clothes and try to sleep. 21:48. I might take another 400mg of IBUPROFEN. That was one of the best burgers ever.

Do y’all know they serve the hamburger with an egg on top. Fresh lettuce and tomato. The burger itself was juicy and thick.

Pray for me and I will pray for you. I’m also gonna pray for myself. And I am gonna take that extra ibuprofen.

Buen Camino

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Apr 03, 2023

Matt French has a burger with an egg on top. :)

One step at a time, Matt. I love you and love that you are doing this.

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