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Love Without Commitment

It seems strange to me that so much of “the arts” paint the perception of love as a mere feeling. Love is much more than a feeling. Love is the decisions of commitment.

If you were to write a movie about the romance of Kate and Matt (me and my wife), make sure that you have the characters “decide to be” rather than “fall” in love. We did not fall. We have not fallen. We are in love because we chose to be.

We all have choices. We make them everyday. We move forward through time and this absolutely effects our choices. Some of my friends who are in recovery programs have pointed out that every day is a new day and every new day has new opportunities.

What are we going to do? What are you going to do? What am I going to do?

I am forced to begin with myself. I am me. I have worth and value. I am created in the image of God. From that image I am able to recognize certain abilities and traits: communication, feelings, relationship potential, sensory qualities and a constant draw/pull to love others.

You and I were designed to be with others. You is the proper pronoun for referring directly to another person. As you refer to another person you begin to relate to other people. Christ’s ministry is one of relating to other people.

Christians are the people who meet Christ on their journey through time. Through a process of understanding, repentance, restoration and growth they begin to have a relationship with Christ. As time progresses they begin to love Christ and become Christians.

As one of the pastors of Vet Church I am curious as to how we Christians will move forward and grow. The Father sent the Son to be the savior. Will we continue to show other folks the love of Christ? Scripture points out that a “because” does exist. “We love Him because He first loved us.” And since this “because” does begin with Christ it is logical to see the pattern of decision.

The Father decided to send the Son. the Son decided to love people. We decide to love Christ. Will we decide to love each other?

Now there is a mystery involved in all of this that is unexplainable. And it is embedded in the holiness of God. Which is something that we can not completely understand. God’s holiness is outside of time and space. His greatness involves predestination and free will, purity, forgiveness and healing, truth, justice, grace, and mercy.

We can readily grasp this concept from a human aspect of the “parent, child continuum.” It is very apparent in the most guttural aspect of that cycle. The parent is continually dealing with the child’s “poo.” Without delving further into this example think of the commitment necessary. Any mother that is nourishing and cherishing will explain how Love allows them to deal with all the work that being committed to a relationship requires. It is not easy.

I am disappointed with “the arts” portrayal of love because it is shallow. It is lacking. It is unrealistic.

True love goes the extra mile. It is committed to going the distance. It is committed to sticking with it. It is committed to hard times, bad times, and sad times. Love hopes for, longs for and believes in the good times. Love pushes ever onward towards joy and happiness. Love is also a bit indifferent to the current outcome.

But it is not the indifference of apathy. The indifference of love is the indifference to temporary. Love has the ability to see beyond the temporary. Love is commitment to going the distance. It has a sign that reads, “I AM STICKING-TO-IT!” Love is this type of commitment.

Now there is an exception- HARM. If you are being harmed or have the threat of harm upon you then you are NOT experiencing love. Love is not blindness it is kindness. Love is aware. Love is an active decision to commitment toward good outcomes.

Be committed to the point that you are in LOVE!

Buen Caminó


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