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Phone Calls and Focus

Several things that came up in phone calls today grabbed my attention. I won’t relay who or the whole conversation, just how it moved me. What I experienced.

1- “Been contemplating suicide…”

2- “The closer I get to dying the more I realize how little I actually know about God…”

3- “yeah I’m about half way through the album…”

4- “Everyone needs purpose, needs to be part of something…”

1/ My first response was, “Well, I’m glad you didn’t kill your self.” And I was glad. I really like the individual that I was talking with. That person has made my life better and I’m glad they decided to stick around.

2/ I have talked with a lot of folks who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Fact: everyone is terminal to some degree. As a kid I used to contemplate why more people were not interested in afterlife knowing full well that this life will end. Do we need to know everything about God? No and we cannot. But we can trust and believe in Him.

3/ My response was, “Well, I’m listening to it again for the third or fourth time. I love this album.” Music has always been helpful and joyful to me. Music has connected me with a lot of folks I love that aspect. I love it most because it moves me more and more and more towards God.

4/ I totally agree with this. I am really going to go all out attempting to bring people into awareness of just how much value they bring to the table and just how much purpose they have. This is going to be one of my key focus things for Vet Church this year. Wanna help? Wanna get involved? I’ve got ideas private message me.

I had a few other phone calls. I thought a lot about the Camino today. The Doc is convinced the meniscus in my right knee is torn. Also convinced that the unloaded brace will help- it seems to. He is also convinced that I can and will do what I believe God wants me to do concerning the Camino de Santiago. He is right.

Leaving Saturday and pumped up about it. I’ve had people warn me about the state of current affairs. I am in physical pain. I know it all may fall apart. Guess what? If God allows I’m gonna go.

I only know where I am heading. I don’t know where we will sleep. I don’t know how we will get there. I don’t know what we will eat. I don’t know if I’ve packed correctly. I just don’t know that stuff.

I do know that the Holy Ghost is calling me to go. I do know that worry, fear and anxiety continue to attempt to lure me in. I do know that l am focused on God’s provision and guidance. I do know that my faith is real.

I do know that there are guitars for sale in Europe. I do know that thousands of Saints have walked the path and prayer is said in all those church buildings along the way. I do know that not having a definitive schedule is forcing me to relax and focus on Gods provision.

I have paid for the phone service to stay on while I am in Europe. So call. Text. Get on Facebook and walk with me as I do daily walks inviting people to go Facebook Live with me. I will have the phone on airplane mode for part of everyday so leave a message. Send a text.

Help with my self awareness and reflection by responding to the blogs. Help with my prayer life by praying for and with me. Help me as I attempt to journey with as many people as possible and share the light of the blessed Gospel message.

Remember the two vultures one decided to quit waiting. What are you waiting for? Stop waiting for God and get moving with God.

2 comentarios

Coffee Grounds
Coffee Grounds
21 mar 2023

Hmmmm… I’m praying. What’s that song? “Thinking, and hoping and praying…????” Anyway, GOD has this and that brings me confidence to take the next step. See you Saturday and see you in SPAIN‼️🧘🏼🚵‍♀️🚴🚴🚴

Me gusta
Matt Williams
Matt Williams
21 mar 2023
Contestando a

I love it that you are meeting us over there. Super cool, I know that if Kate wasn’t part of that dental team she would join us too. (I am glad she is part of the team. I’m glad she is doing something she loves, few people find that).

Me gusta
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