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Ready, set…

Camino de Santiago preparation


I’m ready to go now.

I’m not in good enough shape.

I need to get in better shape.

I’m waiting For my glasses to get here,

And the backpack. (Friend bought me a good one).

Guess I’m not ready.

What am I doing to take care of my loved ones when I’m gone?

New will. Legal stuff.

Dog care. Security bolstered.

Do I have the right gear.

Do I have enough…

Sounds like “end of life” preparation.

Maybe life is the pilgrimage and it just took me 51 years and a few months to figure it out.

Of course it is. I only use the house and gear and stuff to promote the relationships that make it worthwhile. We are all on a pilgrimage. Heaven is home. This is a mere journey…

The wind chimes blow.

The sound drifts into my meanderings.

My mind drifts back to the present.

The backpack can only carry so much.

Travel cpap with battery and charger.

Alpha Stim for pain management.

Socks. Rain gear. AG1 (for the gut),

Travel towel, jacket, sleeping bag

Younger me didn’t need all this stuff.

Oh, don’t forget the small knee brace.

And maybe an extra pair of insoles.

And shower shoes -the .93 cent type

Planning on doing some Facebook Live.

Accept the invite and journey along.

Come with me on this Camino.

Do FaceTime. Don’t let me go alone!

My Last unit in the Army had a slogan:

“One mission: never alone!”

The Vet Church slogan: “Never Alone!”

Because God is always with us.

I think about Christ’s commandment:

“Love one another.”

Love journeys with

Love walks the extra mile

Loves gives

Love grieves

Love mourns

Love laughs

Love shares

Love cares

Love times it perfectly

Love focuses on “the least of these”

Love is a pilgrimage…

I am “the least of these.”

Pilgrimage with me.

Here in the States Vet Church is planning several pilgrimage opportunities. They will be posted on the website soon.

(West Virginia, Massachusetts, Iowa, Florida, Louisana, South Carolina)

Join us.

Stop being alone.

You belong in this Tribe.

You are part of this Tribe.

Pilgrimage with us.

Several opportunities exist.

Be part of one of them in 2023.

We need you, and you need us.

We are all in this together.


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