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Up and Down

Mountains and hills and beautiful beaches, who else walked here? We think about that often. Today we walked into a beautiful church. It was open in the middle of the day. No one was around. God seemed to meet me at the door and usher me to the seat.

I prayed. Wild how God works directly in the areas of life that are ready to be worked in. God is personal. God is real.

I know that not everyone believes in God. A long time ago I came to a thought about that. The thought is this -if God wants everyone to believe in Him then He will make it happen. God is God. I am man and some things are not my problem.

My problems are mine. They are not yours or anyone else’s. Are we not told to bear one another’s burdens? Yes we are. I’m glad you mentioned that passage. We are not just told to bear one another’s burdens -we have been empowered to do so.

The ups and downs of the trail empower my thinking and stretch my mind. They make me think about laws and rules and commandments. There is a popular law: gravity. Or what goes up comes down. Sometimes I think differently about stuff than most folks.

Today Terry and I were talking and I could not explain my position on an instance of opportunity. I know what I would do in the particular instance but I don’t know why or where my position came from. I’m is my position and I don’t need to explain it even if I did understand my position. I have spent a lot of my life attempting to explain myself to others.

Unnecessary is the word that comes to mind. Conversation is another word that comes to mind. What about together, team, United, tribe, and family? These are also word that I think about concerning my desire to explain.

One thought: if you are going to do the Camino de Santiago then do it with someone who has interesting thoughts and likes you -even with your strangeness.

Follow God.

Follow signs.

Close your eyes.

Refresh begin again.

Rejuvenate and heal.

Begin again.

Go fast.





Leave all you have and follow me

See all you have, to hallow be

Power to paths and ways to see

Nothing but love and honesty

Nothing from nothing

Truth is never free




Into all the mountains hills and playa

Preach to the rocks the trees the sea

People moving mountains

Destroying the high places

Tearing down the fear

Overcoming pain






Buen Caminó


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