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Where, What, When

Three questions that I often ask myself are: 1) “Where am I going with this?” 2) “What am I attempting to do with this?” 3) “When am I involved with this?”

I ask myself “where am I going,” because I like to assume that I have a grasp on the direction that I am headed. The destination has everything to do with the direction. As long as I can remember I wanted my final destination to be in the presence of the Holy God.

I ask myself “what am I attempting,” because I like to think about purpose. I like to think that what I “do” has purpose. I like to think that the way I invest my time has eternal return on investment. I hope that God will say, “Well done, good effort.” I am also constantly aware that salvation and being in His presence has nothing to do with my efforts- getting in the gate is because Christ purchased me. I just don’t want to be perceived as an ungrateful.

The third questing I ask myself is all about timing. I grew up with the adage that “early is on time and on time is late!” Talk about an anxiety creator. What is all this time stuff? Will there truly be no more time in eternity? Isn’t eternity a measure of time. The line from that old Gospel song, “… and time shall be no more…” often pops into my mind. Recently, I went out and purchased a watch just to remind myself about this time stuff. I know I am waiting for the time when I will be in the presence of God.

In the meantime: let’s spend some time together. Let’s walk together, talk together, laugh together, pray together, weep together, sing together, be together. In fact I hope our togetherness in this world spills over into togetherness in the time titled eternity.


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