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Why I don't play "Christian" Music

(A RESPONSE TO THE DOZENS OF TIMES I HAVE BEEN ASKED, “ What kind/ type/ genre -do you play?”

Fundamentally the concept of “Christian Music” is wrong. The Scripture reads that, “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.” (James 1:17) So, music is a good and perfect gift from God.

There is absolutely no indication that humanity uses the given gifts in an uplifting and positive way. Judgmentalism is a bit of a curse. It is the true ‘slippery slope syndrome.”

I cannot speak for every culture. So, I will only speak for myself. As a youth, I was taught to judge/ evaluate/ critique -based solely upon my understanding. To be fair, I was also taught what the proper way to understand was and therein the problems flourished.

Christ gave us the “New Commandment” that we were to Love one Another. Fundamental to the action of love is the perpetual drive to understand. I may not always understand but I must always love and in order to do that I must always keep an open mind, one that constantly strives to understand.

As a kid I was taught that only hymns and classical music were acceptable. But there were exceptions even in that logic. Then we were allowed to listen to some Christian Contemporary music but not Christian Rock. The confusion abounded and what I began to realize was that I was being manipulated solely based upon the “understanding” of my elders. I also realized that the majority of my elders had long ago conceded the desire to understand others.

I do not at all agree with the concept of Christian Music because I believe that all music is a gift. I believe that music is a good and perfect gift given to humanity directly from the Father of Lights. I am aware that all music doesn’t celebrate the relationship that I have with the Father of Lights. I am also aware that labeling one thing “Christian” and another “Ungodly” is a marketing technique and a philosophical ploy both of which are in direct opposition to the commandment: “love one another” and “love your enemies.”

Seven Notes, beat, rhythm, melody, and harmony -it is all music. There is no genre. There is only this gift that the Father of Lights has given us. So play some music, listen to some music and thank the Father of Lights for the good and prefect gift of music.


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