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You Have the Power

I have the power to see potential in the absolute bleakest of situations. Maybe it is because I have experienced the fruition of hope. Maybe it is because I have experienced the action of love. Whatever it is I have the power.

Having the power does not mean that I am inclined to use it. Probably more the opposite. In all these years of living I have noticed that the main thing robbing power from the possessor is the internal stuff. The stuff that starts with little words.

Little words whispered in my head like: truth, reality, facts. Sometimes the little words creep into phrases such as: “the way it is,” “grow up,” “be realistic!” Or maybe the robber couches in the concept of “common knowledge” or “everybody knows you can’t…” No matter how it presents it is just a power thief.

There are also two other monstrous power thieves- Apathy and Comparison. These two bandits have ended many a life. They have turned many “with potential” I to those who “had potential.” They have taken the greats and whispered, “You are a has been.” Don’t listen to these two! Don’t heed their call! As soon as you recognize them, destroy them. Do it in their infancy lest they entice you into their web.

We are at war with these enchanters. This is the “flesh” that the Apostle wrote of struggling against. I find that guarding my power against these monsters is what allows me to access the power that I have been given.

Do I give in at times? Yes, I do. Am I, from time to time, totally enticed into Moronism? Yes from time to time. I do not have to stay there. From a very early age I learned to get up after I fell down. So, eventually and always with help from God, Angels, friends—-( Our Tribe) - I get up and get going again.

So, as you see me moving along in my journey please be advised. I’m constantly getting back up. Part of that is because I chose the road less traveled. I’m chartering new waters. I’m walking on rocks. I’m hacking my way through the jungle. And many of you have joined me.

Together we will use our power. We do it individually and collectively. I love our Tribe. I love the way that The Tribe takes care of the The Tribe.

I dream that in the next  years thousand more join us. We are the change. We are the future. We offer hope and love. We know how to stand back up. We know how to use our power. We recognize the signs and we are not afraid.

Don’t focus on the Castle

Build the Kingdom!

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May 25, 2023

Let’s do it.

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