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Not just the sprinkling little shower of a Florida summer day. I was thinking, “What is going on?” 50 degrees, wind so strong ya had to lean into it. Feet soaked, body a bit cold AND it was a GREAT DAY! God sent a fellow traveler our way.

We talked a lot about everything. He loves cars and works for one of the worlds greatest car manufacturers. Our fellow traveler (Pilgrim) is also a Believer. At one point we were talking and I thought he would just disappear. It was like God had sent an Angel. Ya know we do entertain Angels -Scripture talks about that. He didn’t disappear. We talked about several things that I want to share with you.

1-Sometimes we all need someone to see the beauty inside of us and the beauty of what we are doing. It isn’t always easy to see who we are. I realized as we talked about this that I needed this man to see help me see that what WE are doing with Vet Church is a good and beautiful thing. The way y’all reach out and help each other is beautiful. My sticking with this Pilgrimage is a good thing.

2-Suicide is a Horrible awful thing. How can this keep happening. What can stop the hopelessness and despair of suicide? The answer is love. I talked about the Vet Church Story and how we are doing our best to get out there and encourage and show love and compassion. We discussed the Ways in which LOVE is the answer. Did I tell y’all we walked in the rain for hours, we did. And love is the answer Christ said, “a new commandment I give you that you love one another, how do you know that you are my disciples because you love one another. Love one another.”  Love is the answer.

3-Acts of kindness

4-Being a better man

5-Traveling light, what you need and don’t -all of life is traveling- don’t hold onto stuff- hold onto people. Pick someone up. Lift someone up. Walk with someone.

Y’all don’t need me to go into depth on all these topics. You know what is right. I would love to sit and talk with you about them this next year. The Vet Church band will be on the road playing music in a place near you. We won’t have the whole band all the time. Our Bass player and Saxophone player can’t always be there so, if ya play an instrument come on out and join us in the art.

Seriously though let’s talk about some serious stuff. Let’s talk about getting the suicide numbers gone. Let’s talk about how we can reach out and do more. Let’s discuss ways that we can motivate and encourage more people. Let’s talk about prayer.

We hit the road at the end of June. The last weekend in June we are doing a huge celebration of ART with a grand opening of Creativity Madness in West Virginia. Eric Walker is the artist who owns Creative Madness. I went to Afghanistan with him. He holds a Doctorate in Art History and is an award winning artist. He specializes in caring for people and doing acts of kindness. I want to invite you to join us for this event.  The schedule will be posted on the website when I get back in the United States.

Today the Camino was awesome. I posted a couple of videos. There is also a Facebook Live with cows, a BULL, sheep, the Atlantic Ocean an old rocky road, a cliff and a couple of gates. I will probably post a few pictures too.

Pray with me… I’m praying for many of you during this journey. Also, if you need something you can text me. Send me a message on the website or Facebook and I will send ya my phone number. It is the same phone number I’ve had since I became a Chaplain, so you may already have it.

Buen Camino

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12 abr 2023


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