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As You Are

I’m glad that God isn’t waiting for me to change before Love is granted. I’m glad that there is no conditioning necessary before I can receive God‘s love. It’s no wonder the world went nuts over the concept of “Come As You Are.”

“As you are” is God’s master plan. It’s not some rock n roll song or an age-old hymn. It’s not modern-day or old-time religion. “As you are” is the way it is.

“As you are” is an ontological fact. It’s a glance in the mirror. It’s the place you stand. It’s where you are with all your deeds hopeful good and truthful naughty. It is time in suspension.

“As you are” is what it is. It is who you are. It is the essence of being.

“As you are” is what God is looking for. “As you are” is what God desires. “As you are” is who God moved to be with.

God ain’t waiting for you to change. You ain’t gonna get any more appealing to God. You ain’t got to move. You ain’t got to get better. God is not waiting.

God already loves you. God already cares. God already came for you. God is already here.

You ain’t got to be able to see it for it to be factual. You ain’t got to believe it for it to be real. You ain’t got to understand it for it to transpire.

Whether or not you’re ready doesn’t change the fact that God did, God does, and God will continue to love you. God’s “as you are” concept of love is unconditional. God’s love program is “as you are.”

I don’t get it. I would never have loved me. Sometimes I still don’t, yet somehow God still loves me -just - As I am.


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