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No, no woman do not cry

Well, I didn’t write a thing yesterday. May have something to do with a bit of sunburn from my walk on the beach. Today around mile 5 I hit some sort of heat wall. I was too hot. Drank the rest of my water and pretty much stopped. An Albergue was right around the corner.

We stopped. The church next to the Albergue was closed. Of course it’s closed. We filed into the room with all the other Pilgrims. There are about 30 pilgrims here tonight. Plenty crowded and loud.

Physically I have my doubts about this whole thing. My resolve is up and down. I don’t know. Of course I know.

I was bigger faster stronger. That was years ago in a small place. Older, slower is the current situation yet there is still something. A spark of something. A bit of something else…

I don’t always recognize where I am or who I have become. We moved a lot today. Trying to position ourselves to complete the task and also to get something from it.

The guidebooks are 30-40 day plans. I would probably need 75 to walk every mile, but there are many ways leading to Santiago. I am making my own way to some degree -just like life. We all make our own way.

I’m glad I purchased a traveling cpap. At least that is still going well. I just talked to a guy at this albergue who told me he left his in France. He wishes he had it, I’m glad I have this one.

The churches being closed really bugs me. I think about it a lot. Now you may say, “Matt that falls into the -not your problem- category.” And I would agree with that on one level.

On another level it is my problem. I am an ordained minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with a doctorate of ministry degree. In that way it makes it my problem. We who have been called have a responsibility. I understand that many don’t understand the pastoral calling but that still doesn’t negate my understanding. And even after mentality walking through the thought process I find I am still bugged.

I think, “Well, if the churches aren’t locked vandalizaron will occur. “ True it might. I think, “I lock my doors.” Still this is the Camino de Santiago they know we are coming dozens of us are here. -we get passed by pilgrims everyday- they know we are coming why are the churches locked?

I don’t have an answer. When I get to Santiago I will ask. I may also write to a few folks about it.

Another note: I haven’t played the guitar for more than one song since I was in America. I do yearn for time to do that. Yep, I love guitar music.

Listening to Bob Marley sing No Woman No Cry last night I had a revelation. I was listening/ watching several live recorded performances and they were awesome.

He started the song No Woman No Cry by running over and singing with his backup singers. The song is sung to and with the women. This is not a guy saying that he does not have a woman. This is a guy saying to the woman he is with -no, no do not cry. He gets into that -everything will be alright -part and bam! Revelation! Why was I thinking the way that I was? Was it my upbringing?

As a youth I listened to older men talk about “their” women/spouses like they talked about any other possession. I was taught that was normal. I met Kate and we changed said paradigm. Kate is my companion. She is my friend. My partner. I don’t own her and she don’t own me. We do say, “my husband and my wife.” And if you here one of us say it know that it is not in the possessive tense. We use that terminology in the ontological tense. We also talk about stuff and agree on stuff and plan together. We are together. WE

No, Woman - No Cry! Musical Artist don’t always use all the proper punctuation. I’m no different. Bob Marley helped me understand that I have changed. I am continuing to change.

I don’t like church buildings that won’t let Pilgrims in to pray -especially with all the money that the pilgrims are spending to be here (this is NOT inexpensive). I know I can’t do anything about it at the moment so I will also stop wasting energy thinking about it.  -There’s some change!

Alright I’m gonna post some pics from the last two days!

Buen Caminó

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Apr 20, 2023

Don’t give up, Matt.

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