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Risk Appropriately! vs Be Safe!

Risk Appropriately! vs Be Safe!


NOUN: free from harm or risk

VERB: secure from threat of danger, harm, or loss


NOUN: a situation involving exposure to danger.

VERB: expose (someone or something) to danger, harm, or loss.

(-These Definitions came from a simple Internet search-)

Life is precious. All that live are dying and this is no new news. There is nothing special about death or the fact that life is precious. How we live our lives certainly involves consequences (Consequences that are often viewed as rewards or punishments.) But death is a fact of life. It just is.

Most of the time when folks talk about danger or harm or loss, they are referring to physical danger.

I believe that there is danger only related to waste. Will you waste your physical abilities and possibilities; cut life short with bad habits or taking chances that were foolish; miss the opportunity to be with others and journey with them in this life; focus solely on stuff that isn’t possible anyway? Will you waste your skills? Will you spend time becoming great at something that doesn’t matter?

If there is more to life than just this present physical here and now, then maybe we should live like it. This would involve appropriate risk. Appropriate Risk would be looking at life and doing things that have eternal value. Mitigating the chances of premature death would be a part of appropriate risk but only a small part. We are all dying and focusing on that all the time, is not going to stop the inevitable. There is no safe zone.

Now if you don’t believe in the next life and you don’t believe in God, well, then this is it and safety is very important and maybe your number one concern. If you do believe in the after life then I suggest you go for it. Get off the couch; take calculated, intentional, appropriate risks.

I will tell you what I am going to do. I am going to Risk Appropriately. I am going to do that by investing my life into relationships and things that build relationships. I believe in the next life and I am going to live like it. So, when I go to get on my motorcycle and drive off, please, don’t say, “Be Safe.” If I wanted to be safe I would never drive –any vehicle; people are texting and driving!

I am risking appropriately in the fashion of a person who believes that this life is in preparation for the next. Join Me…


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